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8 years ago

There was an attempt to perform an action at point ..

I'm running a web application on IE11 in TC11, and observe this message while I'm trying to click on Yes/No or Ok dialog..


Message : " There was an attempt to perform an action at point ..."


the truth is "Visible on screen" property is true


how can i fix this issue?



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    8 years ago

    sorry I forgot to change Apptype to "Aliases.browser"


    and the message is There was an attempt to perform an action at point(), because the window is overlapping with ..


    I solved this issue by checking the "Ignore overlapping window" 


    Thanks for your kind cooperation

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    Did you try to use WaitProperty method before you have click on the button?


    buttonOK.WaitProperty("VisibleOnScreen", "true", timeout)
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      I used this code in my script, but nothing has changed..


      line 351 : your script


      line 353: can not be read or executed


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        What is "AppType"?


        When you wait for the button to be visible, you address it using a full Alias reference.


        But when you click it, the first part is assigned to "AppType". I assume this an object assigned further up the script? Is there any possibility this object is now "stale" if you haven't refreshed it since assigning it before waiting for the button?


        If you put a sys.refresh between those two lines, does it then work? If so, it was due to a stale object ref.


        Also ...


        " There was an attempt to perform an action at point ..."


        What is the full message? Did it fail due to visibility (assume so as that's the property you're waiting on) but it could also not yet be enabled. It may be made visible and THEN enabled in which case you may be trying to click it too quickly. But without the full error message, that's impossible to say.


        If neither of the above .... I have no idea. Not sure if there is anything odd about handling dialog alerts in IE11 as use Chrome almost exclusively.