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12 months ago

"the target object does not exist." in checkpoint


I'm facing a problem with the checkpoint locating.

I created this checkpoint when recording to check page title, I've tried 3 different xpath to find it, sometimes one of them works, but sometimes none of them work.

In browser F12 debug mode, all of these xpath works correctly.

I met this problem in both keyword test and script test before, please help me.


Property Checkpoint

Aliases.browser.pageIndex.frameMain.FindElement("//table[@id='tabBar']//tr[2]/td/span"), "contentText", cmpEqual, "Staff Group List", ... 



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    Does the object you are searching for i.e. FindElement("//table[@id='tabBar']//tr[2]/td/span") definitely exists in the parent object Aliases.browser.pageIndex.frameMain?


    Go to your webpage where the object can not be found. For each of your alias names (pageIndex, frameMain, etc) , click the Highlight button, and check that the correct objects are highlighted.

    If the object can not be highlighted, then this will indicate that the parent object properties has changed, which TC can not find.