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4 years ago

The object "Sys" does not exist



I have developed a simple keyword test that is working except for one line. It is clicking a Yes button on a window dialog rather than the No button.

So I changed the test to click the No button. I had to map the No button in the NameMapping object and save the change.

When the test is rerun I keep getting the following



If I restore the original NameMapping object without the newly mapped No button everything goes back to working.


Now I know the process LabWare-prePROD exists because the immediate prior message is 

because of the below script code

Set p = Sys.WaitProcess(processName)
While not p.Exists
    Call Log.Message("Waiting for " + processName + " to start", "", pmNormal, logAttributes)
    Set p = Sys.WaitProcess(processName)
Call Log.Message(processName + " exists", "", pmNormal, logAttributes)


What would make the Sys object not found?



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