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7 days ago

Testing on Multiple "Suites"

Dear Community,

I am fairly new to test complete and have been tasked to do some automation at my current job. Long story short ive been tasked to do automated checkouts to make our tests faster. Every time we roll in a new baseline, we go through regressions and tests.

Our Suite examples are suites for example are:

Currently I have my test on a test suite

Ive been learning testcomplete for 3 months now but I cant seem to figure out the name maping portion or can I even do a wildcard for the test suites? We have suites abc-1 to abc-12.

How can I test the same tests from 4 to test on other the other suites without having to recreate projects for each and ever suite?

What im running into is im not sure where to put the wildcard or how to change suites without having to go through manually to change it over and over. Also if I can change the main URL how can I change the rest of the name mapping to match what ever suite im on.

Im not sure if im explaining this right but I change the suite from 4 to lets say 5 but everything in the name mapping still says 4. Is there a way to have just one project suite and have it change with a wildcard or does everything have to be done manually?

Thanks for helping this Rookie!

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