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3 years ago

TestExecute and TestComplete for desktop

Hello - I'm looking for some help.

We have TC and TE for Desktop.  They are installed on a VM.

When I open TE with my project and then run it, it errors saying object does not exist.


If I run the keyword test using TC - it runs fine.


If I THEN run TE, it runs fine.

Both TC and TE are the same version.

I've tried point and fix on the object in NameMapping and that works but only for that session.

If I log out or come back tomorrow, the only thing that works in TestComplete.

Any ideas??


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    I would look for a timing issue first.  Try putting a long Delay before the line that gets the Object Does Not Exist and see if that helps.  If so, then timing can be adjusted with a Wait or by changing the execution time between test steps.