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2 months ago

TestComplete14.72 is not recognizing WinUI-3 objects

Dear All, 

I am trying to automate "WinUI 3 Gallery" Desktop application that is available in windows app store for free. 

During automation i noticed that the left side pane Navigation view controls in winui 3 gallery app is not recognizable by Test Complete. I have selected *(to accept all windows) in UIAutomation settings from "Tools -> current project settings -> open applications" and yet issue persists.

I have marked the pane for which above issue is observed in the attached image. May be i am missing some settings.

Same issue i noticed for all the Desktop applications that are developed using WinUi-3 or Xaml.

Could anyone please help?

SmartBear customer care is not responding to my tickets. 

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      As per TestComplete Support Team all XAML based WINUI-3 applications and controls are supported. 

      I have also tried with TestComplete15 version and issue persists.