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6 years ago

TestComplete v 14

Now that TestComplete 14 is out, we need to evaluate it before we jump right in.  I have a few questions:


1.  I noticed that we received a completely new set of license keys for v14.  Can versions 12 and 14 coexist on the same system?  I would like to switch back and forth between the two while I evaluate the impact of v14, so I prefer not to deactivate v12 just yet.

 2.  Have manual tests truly gone away?

 3.  What are the major impacts experienced by the community thus far in making the switch over?





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    1) Yes, the versions can coexist but you should keep a copy/backup/version of your v12 tests because once tests are converted to a new major version, they are not backwards compatible.


    2) Yes, manual testing is really being deprecated.


    3) Best to look through the forum and see what others have posted.  I myself haven't seen a huge number of questions yet.



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      What about the ODT feature?

      As with manual testing, it is deprecated and it was planned to be removed.

      But my last info (Dmitry_Nikolaev, 06-08-2017) says that it was decided 

      "not to do this. So, ODT will remain in TestComplete in the "frozen" state for backward compatibility."

      Is it still there? Can I still use it?


      Regards, Manfred

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    Is anyone else testing .NET applications where a converted test no longer recognizes buttons?


    I test proprietary Software and after converting the tests in TC14 no longer recognizes any of the buttons.

    I would hate to have to go through and re-map all of the controls I need for my tests.

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      Does your test in the previous version of TC still work?

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        Yes it does. I have TC 14 sandboxed for testing before deploying it.