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2 years ago

TestComplete thinks im running on a virtual machine

Hi, im trying to load up TestComplete on my system, I have a fixed license to be able to use TestComplete. Everything was working fine yesterday, but today TestComplete is saying I am running the application on a virtual or cloud machine even though its on my actual system so im required to use a floating license. Has anyone else come across this issue and know how to fix it? I have also tried restarting my system but it still appears when TestComplete is loaded.  


Hyper-V Also is disabled


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    A Fixed User license cannot be used on physical computers that have Hyper-V enabled. To run TestComplete, you can use a Floating license, or you can disable Hyper-V via


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      Yes, that is the workaround (and what I did).  Love the workflow of having to turn off a Windows feature and reboot my computer if I want to run TestComplete (or spend thousands more).  

      And while I still think the limitation is silly for a common configuration it is certainly at least worthy of mentioning in all the same places that not being able to run on VM is mentioned.

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      Is it just me or does anyone else find the limitation of not being able to run TestComplete with a fixed license on a system with virtualization enabled ridiculous?  The licensing page says I can't use a fixed license if running on a VM, but doesn't tell say anything about virtualization simply being enabled. The 'error' message also does not indicate this. 

      I guess it's just crazy to think a developer or QA tester would have any need to run VMs....

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        Hey! Yes that's not cool at all! Stange because I ran into the same issue a couple weeks ago after rebuilding a PC and I remembered I posted a solution here! It's probably only because some people were able to hack the license with a VM and they blocked that! Sad!