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9 months ago

Testcomplete offline On-Premise License Manager

I run my license on a complete offline network. Therefore, there is no way to assign licenses in my network via email. Is there anyway I can assign them via IP addresses? or Any other possible way on a Network that does not have the supported infrastructure? 

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  • Hi tarttdh,


    There is the following option "Access for Everyone" which bypassed the need to enter e-mail address.


    To make a license available to users in your network without them having to input credentials, you can turn on the Access for everyone setting.


    Please see the following guide on Configure On-Premise License Manager 

    Let me know if that helps,



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      So, does that mean once I hook up all my configurations to Machine1.

      Machine2 can also use the same license as long as the On-Premise License Manager and TestComplete Applications are downloaded on Machine 2. 



      For example, 

      If the network was

      And Machine1 is on IP ->

      And Machine2 is on IP -> 

      And they both are pinging each other on the network. 

      Then, Machine2 can also use the shared license on Machine1???? 



  • Hi tarttdh 


    How did everything go with the configurations? 


    Machine 1 can be set up as the host device and all licenses can be exported onto this Machine.

    Machine 2 (and any other devices) will need to be able to configured to be able to access Machine 1 and the license.


    Kind Regards,