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9 years ago

TestComplete 'Jenkins Job' with parameters

Hi all,    is somehow possible to run Jenkins 'Test Complete test' job but with parameters ?   When i configure this kind of job with parameters (e.g. ENV, BROWSER or TEST_NAME, etc)  these are n...
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    9 years ago

    Hi Kixosvk,


    I’m not familiar very well with your requirements. However, you can try using the following approach:

    1. Enabling the This build is parameterized option in Jenkins.
    2. Specify your parameters and their values.
    3. In the TestComplete Test build step, you can pass those parameters to TestComplete via ${ParameterName}
    4. In TestComplete, you will need to modify your project accordingly to your parameters.

    Please read the Setting up TestComplete Tests in Jenkins ( ) article for details.

    Does this approach work for you? If it doesn’t, please describe your task in details.