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5 years ago

TestComplete Crashes while runing window based application

Hello All,

I am very new to TestComplete & Automation. I want to use my window app which was developed using CMake, it works perfectly fine with Visual Studio. But with TestComplete it crashes while executing same.


Please suggest how it can be fixed.



  • Hi Vikrant_M,

    Have you managed to resolve the issue? If the issue persists, I suggest that you contact the Support Team and provide them with some additional informaion:

    1. Run the Report Generator tool located in <TestComplete>\x64\Bin\ReportGenerator.exe (for the 64-bit tool version) or <TestComplete>\Bin\ReportGenerator.exe (for the 32-bit tool version).
    2. Select the "TestComplete" option and then click the "Launch TestComplete" button.
    3. Reproduce the problem.
    4. Click the "Save..." button in the Report Generator tool and save the report to a local folder.
    5. Send the generated report to SmartBear Support Team.


    Thanks in advance.



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    What do you mean "works fine with Visual Studio"?  What are you doing with it with Visual Studio?

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      Hi Robert,


      Let me give you a brief idea first before discussing actual issue -

      "This is a firmware level testing. Where our DUT is a remote device which works on RF. Hence, the tool which used for testing this device send command & receive response both OTA (Over-the-air). This tool (or more precisely sniffing tool) connected to target machine on serial port. And to interact with this tool we've a console based application developed on WIN32."


      Now, this DUT has ~200 features to be tested. Individual feature testing carried out via Visual Studio (i.e. Console application). Where, we've individual .exe created on Visual Studio and all these .exe's make use of sniffing Tool application to accomplish their objectives. Hence, with all these individual tests sniffing Tool application works perfectly fine.


      Currently, we've crossed >50 individual feature tests. And planning to build an automation test for same. Since, TestComplete has a lot of good features associated with it, so we decide to take one trial. We created our automation test as shown below -

      We append all the exe in sequence as shown. Those exe's which has no dependency on sniffing Tool works fine. But those exe's which has dependency report crashing issue. And that is what we want to resolve.


      Hope I'am articulated enough this time! :)



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        Very high level... but not nearly enough detail.


        You show the Test items... which point to script code routines. To determine what is crashing TestCOmplete, we need to know what those routines are doing.  And, when you say "crashes", are there error messages that come up on screen?