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15 years ago

TestComplete and TFS 2008



      We use MS TFS 2008 as our source control. We have two PCs with TestComplete v7.20 and 7.50 installed. The TC project is created on PC1. We have two QAs working on same project. Now I have following questions:

1.      If QA2 wants to modify the project on PC2, he/she has no way to check the project out from PC2 via TestComplete. This sounds a bug?

2.      QA2 checked out the project to PC2’s local folder by using MS Visual Studio, and opened the project from his local folder. After modifying, he checked the project into TFS from TestComplete. QA1 checked out the project from TFS on PC1, However, QA1 didn’t get the latest version automatically. He had to select ‘Get Latest Version’ in TestComplete. This sounds not the right way to do source control?

     Thanks a lot!


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  • Hi Nancy,

    First of all, I recommend that you install TC 7.50 on both machines to prevent conversation problems.

    1. There is no way to get a project suite from SCC. You need to get it by using an external SCC tool. We have an appropriate suggestion in our DB, and your message has increased its rating.

    2. TC automatically tracks if you've made changes on another machine to the item you're checking out and asks you to reload the modified item. There is no need to execute the "Get Latest Version" operation. If this is not the case, please provide us with a detailed description of all the steps leading to the problem.

  • Hi, Jared,

        Thanks for your response!

        I just re-tested this again. If I modified the script and checked into TFS from PC1 and checked out the script from PC2 for same TestComplete project, PC2 didn't get the latest version!


        I had to select 'Get Latest Version' on PC2. Then the 'Resolve Confilicts' window pops up. I had 3 options: Auto Merge All, Resolve and Close. It seems I am better always select 'Auto Merge All'. Resolve option will show me the details of XML code. It will be very hard to modify the code if the conflict is from .mds or .tcLS files.


  • Hi Nancy,

    Do you observe the same behavior when working with TFS from MS Visual Studio (TFS doesn't track changes, the 'Resolve Conflicts' window appears)?

    If you do, this behavior cannot be changed on our side. TC works with SCC systems by using the standard Microsoft Source Code Control API, and we can't care for the way SCC systems react to standard commands.