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7 years ago

Chrome Extension not working on Windows 2008 server

So I've been trying to get the SmartBear Test Extension to work on one of our remote machines that we use for running our smoke tests.  I've tried multiple times to install and enable the extension, but Chrome keeps automatically disabling it because it's 'Not in the store'.


I've tried doing a search the Google Chrome web store for extensions, and the extension won't show up. However, I can find the extension if I do a direct link to the extension.


I've gone through the same hurdles on my local machine, and I was able to get it installed via the link. When I try to install it on the Windows 2008 server machine, it keeps giving an error that the extension is being 'downgraded'.


Has anyone else run into this problem? Is there a reason SmartBear doesn't have the extension officially uploaded on Chrome's web store? Or is there something else I'm missing here?

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    7 years ago

    In case anyone else has a similar issue, support had me do the following and it started working:


    1. Open the chrome://extensions/ web page in Chrome.
    2. Locate the SmartBear Test Extension version 12.0.0 in the list of installed extensions. The extension is expected to be disabled without a possibility to re-enable it. Delete the extension from the list by clicking the Trash icon.
    3. Open the following page in the Chrome Web Store:

    Install the extension by clicking the Add To Chrome button and confirming the requested permissions.

    1. Once the extension is installed, TestComplete should be able to work with Google Chrome.

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    Did this not work for you?



    After the extension is installed (or updated), you may need to restart Chrome in order to enable the extension. Chrome needs some auto configuring after the new extension is installed. When the extension is installed to an already running Chrome instance, it does not function unless Chrome is restarted.

    Since version 25, Chrome disables all third-party extensions upon installation and update. The first time you start Chrome after installing or updating it, you need to enable the extension manually:


    If your testing environment is deployed automatically and it includes unattended installation of TestComplete, TestExecute or Google Chrome, enabling the extension manually is not an acceptable option. In this case, you can add the SmartBear Test Extension to the list of force-installed Chrome extensions. Learn about the workaround and its limitations.