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6 years ago

TestComplete 12 and Visual Studio 2017 Integration

I want to integerate TestComplete 12.6 with Visual Studio 17. Followed the steps given in link below.:


Main steps includes:

 1- Run VS integeration  which is given at path in local testcomplete folder <TestComplete 12>\VS Integration\VSIntegration.exe

2- Run this installer after installing TestComplete on your computer. In the installation wizard, select the Visual Studio Integration feature appropriate for your Visual Studio version.

On second step I selected Visual Studio 2017 Integerartion and Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Test Agent Integeration. But I faced an error message on this step that I don't have VS 17 Test agent integeration. Error message is attached. 


Do I really need VS 17 test agent integeration to run Testcomplete scripts in VS 17 on local machine where tescomplete is also installed ?.  Also I don't see any option of testcomplete test while adding it to VS 17 project. I installed it without selecting VS 17 Test agent integeration. 

Where I am going wrong ?