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2 years ago

Test UI on multiple computers?

New to testing UI - looking to build out my QA team and test monthly Microsoft patching and updates on multiple laptop models all running on the same Windows 10 OS version. My question, can you create a testing package in SmartBear on a single node locked installation BUT then export the test and run on other computers? Or do you have to install Smartbear on all the model types and run on each model?

Sorry again new to testing UI so this may be a simple stupid question.

Thank you Russell Dodd

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    If your TestComplete license is node locked, then you can only develop and run on that one computer, but you may be able to use Remote Desktop from that machine to access other computers for testing.


    If you are going to have a team where more than one person is going to be using TestComplete, then you may want to look into floating licenses. They can be shared, and if everyone is not going to be working on TC at the same time, that is a good way to go because you don't need one license for each person. Projects created on any of those computers can be shared with any other instance of TC.

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    To slightly rephrase what was said by Marsha:

    do you have to install Smartbear on all the model types and run on each model?

    Yes, correct.

    Nothing like a standalone executable can be created using TestComplete. TestComplete must be installed on the system where you are going to execute test code.

    In order to save, you may consider TestExecute which is a runtime engine for TestComplete - the cost of its license is lower but it does provide neither development nor debugging means, only execution engine.

    To be able to debug test code in an environment with a lot of TestExecute runners, it is usually not a bad idea to have one floating license for TestComplete, so you can start TestComplete on the required box and debug there.