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12 years ago

Starter page is showing that computer is offline

I am getting the following message in my SOAPUI Starter page.
Hi there!

You're getting this message since your computer is offline and soapUI can't access Internet. Without Internet connection you might experience some issues when doing Web Service Testing.

Usually this is where you would see the soapUI starter page which includes the latest news and other relevant information.

Make sure to connect to Internet to get access to all services and information from SmartBear.

The SmartBear Sweden Team

However, I am able to access internet using my computer.

Please help!!!
  • Hi Guys,


    We have fixed this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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    You are probably using soapUI behind a proxy.

    So you have to set your proxy in soapUI

    Menu "File" -> "Preferences" -> tab "Proxy Settings"

    Then set "Host", "Port" and check "Enable using proxy".
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      How to set "Host", "Port" and check "Enable using proxy" there?

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        Hi Vanisp9,


        Could you please explain the situation you faced in detail? You don't see the starter page even if your computer has access to the Internet. Is this the case? In this case, did you notice if you see this issue several days ago? We have implemented some changes with starter pages - perhaps, it affected you.