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2 years ago

Test Complete-Send via email functionality

Hi guys


Hope all is well.


Please can someone assist with the ''Send via email functionality''


I get to this step below

  1. In the resulting dialog, specify whether you want to keep the Visualizer images in the test log. (Removing them can significantly decrease the log size).

    Then click OK to proceed.

  2. After this step nothing happens and I don't see the sending of the email process been initiated at all, nothing comes up were i can enter the email address etc.

I would like to use this functionality to send out a Test execution report t a team of people daily and cant get this set up.I am not very technical so with rather use this functionality rather then the scripts. 

  1. Please advise why this could be?

Kind Regards,


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    This doesn't seem to work for me either, even though I have Outlook as my default email application.


    You could 'Export full log to...' 

    Then attach Results.mht to your email