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6 months ago

Sending Email From Test Complete

Hi, I have been trying to send email via test complete. But when I click on Send via Email nothing pop's up. Do I need to configure anything before sending an email?

Thank you in advance for the help.

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    I had this issue too and never figured it out. I ended up just writing a small script to send an email with the log.


    function PackResults()
      var WorkDir, FileName;
      WorkDir = Project.ConfigPath + "Log\\ExportedResults\\";
      FileName = WorkDir + "SmokeTest_TestResults.mht";
      Log.SaveResultsAs(FileName, 2);
      Log.Message("Results saved");
    function EmailResults()
      if (SendMail(Project.Variables.emails, "SMTP SERVER", "NAME", "EMAIL ADDRESS", "Smoke Test Results", "Test results attached",
      Project.ConfigPath + "Log\\ExportedResults\\SmokeTest_TestResults.mht"))
        Log.Message("Mail was sent");
        Log.Warning("Mail was not sent");