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14 years ago

Test Complete 8 License, unable to activate

Hi Automated QA!

I am not able to activate Test Complete 8 license, Message is shown as "The License key has already been used for product activation."

When I check the license information in client portal, It shows as the license is already activated as below.

If I am having floating user license, I should be able to install another instance.

Please help ...

TestComplete 8 Enterprise (Floating User License) AutoUpgrade - 7/26/2010 5:32:39 AM

Product Licenses License Key
TestComplete Enterprise v.8 1 *******************  Activated on (?):

Thanks in advance

Suraj Raj Bhandari

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  • Hi Suraj,

    One license key can be activated only once. Since you are using the Floating User license, there is no need to activate the license key on each computer where you install the product. After installing TestComplete on another computer, the tool should determine an activated license in your network. If the tool does not detect the license, try to specify the name of the computer where the license is activated or its IP address in the licensing service settings on your computer. Please read the "Specifying License Manager for Connection" article for more information.
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    We've had the same problem, and while your solution of specifying the license server name works (eventually), did anyone think through the implications of shops that may be running TestExecute on 80 machines or more? *Anything* you have to do on 80 machines becomes a significant hassle, now matter how small it is. Is there any individual file where this information is stored that we can automatically copy to new systems to ease the pain of upgrading to 8.10?


    Ian Hughes

    QA Lead

    Seismic Micro-Technology

  • Hi Ian,

    Settings are stored in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP\hasplm.ini file. You cannot just copy the same file to all machines since it can contain machine specific information, but you can process all the files by adding the serveraddr = <IP Address> line to the [REMOTE] section. For example:


    broadcastsearch = 1

    aggressive = 0

    serversearchinterval = 30

    serveraddr =

    serveraddr =