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12 years ago

Telerik Controls

Some Teleric Controls are supported for Silverlight 5 and other Controls are not supported, for example "RadExpander".

But I can see RadExpander with Testcomplete 9 in ObjectBrowser. Does it makes any sense, what is the difference to the supported one?

We need access to all Teleric Controls urgently, because our application works with all of them and we like to use TestComplete furthermore.

So, maybe anyone can help me to get more information about working telerik controls.

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    Hi Stephanie,

    The list of officially supported Telerik controls for Silverlight you can find here. Official support means that TestComplete provides more helper properties and methods to test the controls. If the controls you are using aren't' on this list, it doesn't mean that you cannot test them - to do this, you need to use native properties and methods of these controls. To learn what properties can be used, you need to refer to the controls' documentation.
  • Hi Stephanie and Tania,

    I am trying to test some telerik controls that apparently are not supported (such as Telerik.Windows.Controls.RadMenuItem). I can *somtimes* recognize them - it only happens after I click "highlight object" (then I get a popup that ask if I want to remap the object and I click NO). 

    And.... if I close the TC and restart it - it happens all over again.

    Also - I tryid to debug and see this object's properties, but all the properties had curropted values (such as -1 or null).

    What can I do about it?


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    Hi Mor,


    According to the article I posted, TestComplete 9.31 officially supports Telerik RadMenu for WinForms. I recommend that you read this article to learn how to test this control.


    The issue you described is mostly related to the object recognition problem. You can try using the Refresh method to update the object tree before working with the control or the RefreshMappingInfo method. If TestComplete asks you to remap the object, it means that its mapping criteria were changed. To figure out why that happened, you need to explore the object in detail and (most likely) remap the object by using more reliable properties. Please refer to the "Modifying Mapping Criteria" article for details.