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14 years ago

TC 7.52, Firefox. Empty properties at Inspect window.

Hi everyone!

I've found a problem when inspecting firefox's script objects - i'm unable to see object's properties, fields and methods. I've allready asked support team about it, but maybe someone from this forum knows the answer/workaround.

1. Open Firefox (3.5.9), navigate to

2. Write the script below and place breakpoint at the line with Log.Message


var mgr = Sys.Process("Firefox").Page("").document.Script.Ext.WindowMgr;

/*breakpoint here*/Log.Message(mgr.zseed);

3. Execute the script and when it stops open Evaluation window

4. At the evaluation window try to inspect the mgr variable

At the Inspect window I see empty tabs "Properties", "Fields" and "Methods". This shouldn't be so, because if you continue script execution you'll get some value at the log's message. The question is how to get properties, methods, etc visible at the evaluation window?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Alexander,

    Currently, TestComplete does not enumerate members of script objects located on web pages and therefore cannot show the list of properties and methods of these objects. I have registered your request as a suggestion in our database. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the reply, David. But could you please explain why does this work in Internet Explorer 6-8?

  • Hi Alexander,

    The difference is that the 'Script' object is a native object provided by Internet Explorer. In case of Firefox, this is a custom object added by TestComplete to simulate behavior similar to that of Internet Explorer. Our current implementation of this object does not provide the functionality you need.