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15 years ago

TC 5.0 is not identifying objects added to name mapping(earlier it was)

Respected Sir/Madam,


I am working on a desktop application using TC 5.0. I have mapped all objects to name mapping. I have done scripting almost whole projects using name mapping. while execution it was working fine for almost 4-5 months. Suddenly 2-3 day back when I started my computer(I daily shut down same machine) and tried to identify some objects, it started throwing error "Underlying object does not exist". Even it was not identifying first object of window through name mapping. When I looked into Object browser and compared name and full name of the object, it was completely changed like..





I neither uninstalled and reinstalled my application nor test complete. But all objects are changed not..


Sir please guide me since i am completely stuck into this problem and not getting any idea that how to come out of this problem.

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  • Hi Manoj,

    It looks like you've checked the '*' item in the 'Open Applications | UI Automation' project settings node. See the "Project Properties - UI Automation Options" help topic for details.

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    I have not checked the '*' item in  the 'Open Applications | UI Automation' project settings node.

    It is same as it was while installation (attached screenshot for reference)

    I have neither added any class name nor deleted.

    Now I have uninstalled Test Complete and installed it again(Restarted machine) but the problem persists.

    Still the name and full name in the name mapping and object identification window appears diffrent.

    Please help me in order to resolve this problem as i am not able to proceed with execution..

    Best regards,

    Manoj Pathak..
  • Hi Manoj,

    First of all, update TC to version 5.15. If the problem still occurs, try to reproduce it with the sample application shipped along with TC (<TestComplete>\Samples\Open Apps\OrdersDemo\C#\)

    Also, create a new project and check whether the problem occurs. If the problem persists, zip your entire project suite directory and send us the archive (

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    Hi Sir,

    The problem has been resolved now. I tried all the options you suggested but could not succeed. Then I tried a trick..

    I created a new project suite and added a project. When I tried to map the objects of my application, It was mapping as a WinObject. So I transferred all the script files, Name Mapping and event files in the new project and TC started identifying my application objects as WinObject. I have not changed any settings of Test Complete before or after creating new project.

    It's working now and I am able to run project successfully :)

    Thanks & Regards,

    Manoj Pathak