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Takeaways from SmartBear Academy - TestComplete 101: Recording | FAQs | Next Free Sessions

TestComplete Users,


During today's TestComplete Community Day we hosted the SmartBear Academy - TestComplete 101 Free Training. We want to share some valuable resources & takeaways from the free training.


SmartBear Academy - TestComplete 101 Recording

Link Here:





Frequently Asked Questions
We had 21 technical TestComplete questions during the training (see post to follow). These questions came from attendees of the training.



Q: Can we save a collection of Objects while Keyword driven test recording?

A: TestComplete will automatically save references to your objects into the Name Mapping while you record your tests. 



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  • Frequently Asked QuestionsWe had 21 technical TestComplete questions during the training These questions came from attendees of the training.



    Question Answer
    Q: Can I control the mouse for doing another task while TestComplete is running? A: Dan covered this one live. TestComplete takes over control of the mouse and keyboard of wherever it's installed on. Users can achieve "headless" GUI automation are running TC on either a remote desktop or virtual machine.
    Q: Can TestComplete interact with features within Java Applets?  I use selenium and there are features within the web app we are using that use Java Applets.   Also I notice in script choices Java was not an option.   If I use Java with Selenium would those scripts be compatible with TestComplete?  A: TestComplete can launch both a Maven project, which it will compile at run time, or a pre-compiled jar with your Selenium tests. 
    Q: can testcomplete send a notification after tests are complete? A: Yes. You can do this with a short script, depending on where you want that notification to end up.
    Q: Can we achieve cusom automation tasks like FTP tasks? A: Yes, you can do this either by shell scripting and incorporating those pieces into your test cases. More info on running shell scripts here: 
    Q: can we add objects to name mappign manually rather than when recording? A: Yes.
    Q: can we get recording of this session? I was told we will receive last time I attended. But i never received it A: Yes all who registered will get a recording.  You can always email us at if you are looking for a specific recording.  W e have June and July sessions posted for you to view in the community today.,which training were you looking to view? besides this one which we will send in a week or so.
    Q: can we save a ccollection of Objects while Keyword driven test recording ? A: TestComplete will automatically save references to your objects into the Name Mapping while you record your tests. 
    Q: Clarification on my question re: Java Applets - I have a web app where a java applet is opened to display images and pdfs - can I have a script that interacts with both the web app and can check if the java applet has opened correctly? A: We can perform image (region) checkpoints. If the PDF was compiled with text elements exposed, then we can perform property checkpoints against it. 
    Q: Currently we are using TestComplete10. what is the process to upgrade to TestComplete12. A: Hi There -,Instructions are located on these pages. Let me know if this is not helpful :) 
    Q: how can we classify different events into keywords- for a keyword driven approach? A: Dan is recording in keyword mode right now. You'll see the keyword script that is generated. 
    Q: I think while using record/Playback we don not need to use the Namemaping ... Am i right? A: In general, yes, this is correct. It is worthwhile, however, to learn about the Name Mapping and how it plays a role in recognizing objects.
    Q: if a test is recoreded for QA environment? how the same can be executed for UAT or another environment? A: Dan covered this one live. They can configure their name mapping to run in different environments. This is usually used for something such as varying URLs. 
    Q: Is it possible to rename the result log??If yes can it be done via scriot? A: You can rename it manually. 
    Q: Is there a command line or api interface into test complete? A: This was answered by Dan. We have a command line interface, but no API. More info: 
    Q: Is there a preferred way to allow tests created for specific versions of different application to be merged within 1 test suite A: It depends on what you mean by versions. You can create different versions of a name mapping for different languages for an application, for example. 
    Q: What are some of the common mistakes/errors that prevent an accurate playback of a test on a specific browser? A: Sometimes, even if you hit close on Internet Explorer, the iexplorer.exe process will still be running in the background. You can terminate it manually in the Task Manager, and you can also write a script in TestComplete to close it for you. Firefox and Chrome do not have this problem. 
    Q: What are the limitations of Test complete - Automating dynamic elements and capcha  A: We have ways of dealing with dynamic elements. Captchas cannot be automated by TestComplete out of the box. To test them, I would either freeze the captcha component or have the correct captcha response exposed to TestComplete through a data source or script. 
    Q: Which source control applications are supported. Is this an extrernal application integration or something from SmartBear A: As Dan mentioned, Git, SVN, Mercurial, Team Foundation,And they are all built-in.
    Q: Would you need TestExecute to run network suite actions like that or is it built into the base program? A: Yes, you would need TestExecutes to run the tests on the slave hosts. 
    Q: Hi, Will there be a link available for the recorded session after the webinar? A: Yes of course! -
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      Could you expand on what you mean by creating different versions of name mapping for different languages?