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6 years ago

Start Testexecute remotely

Hi to all, i just wanna to know how can i start a TE projekt remotely. I dont wont to start a Remotedesktopsession i just wanna to click a .bat with the regular commandline statement and the test...
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    6 years ago

    Hi Kai,


    I dont wont to start a Remotedesktopsession

    Note, that while RDP session is not a requirement, it is required by the operating system to have active not locked desktop session for the user on behalf of which tests are executed.

    If RDP session exists, then the mentioned desktop session is connected to this RDP session. If RDP session is absent, then desktop session is connected to console.


    So, if you have active unlocked session connected to console on the remote machine, you may write a code that will find out the id of this session and then remotely start TestExecute within this session and trigger tests execution. The above actions can be done with the help of either WMI, or Power Shell or some other programming language that supports remote COM calls.