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2 years ago

starting (not installing) testexecute in azure pipeline

ok. so, i have a VM that has testexecute already installed (but not running) and we have the id based licensing. i have an azure pipeline that has the "testcomplete test adapter installer" step in it

under the preferred test runner i have selected testexecute (the "agent job 1" by the way has a demands entry for the address of the VM). the options underneath the preferred test runner are "install" test runner and "update" test runner. as i've said, testexecute is already installed on the VM. i just want my pipeline to "start" testexecute and then, when the test is complete, exit testexecute. is that possible to configure in a pipeline with the testcomplete test adapter installer?


what i'm hoping to imitate is how my network suite (i know, i know. it's deprecated) is currently set up to send my scripts over to the VM and execute them. by not having the testexecute running i can select the "restart testcomplete" option of the "use previous instance" on the job/task and also the "close driven instance" option of the "action after run". 


this works perfectly when i do a remote run on the VM from my workstation. how do i get azure to perform in the same manner (start testexecute and then exit it after the run completes)?



  • after some further testing i think i did finally figure it out. i tool a closer look at the error message i was getting

    and decided i would try regenerating my access key and plugging the new one into the test adapter installer step. with the new key in place and just the "install" runner checkbox checked it successfully started testexecute, ran my test and stopped testexecute when the test finished. 



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      i have gone through all those links before i posted this in the forum. none of them (at least as far as i can tell) explain how i can configure my pipeline so that it "starts" testexecute on the agent VM as the test is ready to begin and "exit" out of testexecute when the test has completed (like it works with the NetworkSuite). the only things that even seem close are the two options for install runner and update runner and i've tested with those checked and unchecked and neither way works. my pipeline works just fine if testexecute is left running all the time and those boxes are unchecked EXCEPT when we sometimes cancel a pipeline and then (for some reason) testexecute hangs up (all context menu options are gray/disabled) until it gets bounced. if the test adapter step could be configured to start and stop testexecute (like the networksuite is able to do) that would resolve the issue since it would always be a fresh run of testexecute each time. 


      rather than just pointing me to a webpage full of links, please either tell me how it can be done or tell me its not possible to do in azure devops. 

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        I help where I can. Some users are happy to have the links. If they're not helpful, it's easy for you to just ignore them.  Good luck with Azure!