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3 years ago

Seriously in Need of Help with the Name Mapping Editor



The link list below works perfectly fine the first time through as the object takes the name of the person I am searching for 

The next time through it does not recognize the link (linkKarterMaryL)

I realize I need to do something with the Name mapping editor. but I am not exactly sure.
I started over today as my alias was pointing to the wrong object
Your help would be greatly appreciated.



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        Thank you for the response. It helps a bit......I have been working with support and it was trickier than expected and I have it most. The wild card is not the ideal solution here as these are not dynamic links rather links that completely change their name each time through.  

  • While testing web applications, I made a couple of conclusions for myself. All that will be written next, please consider only my opinion, which I do not impose on anyone and do not consider the truth.


    My rules for testing web applications via UI are:

    1. Web page, application, or Item to Test - Static
    2. Test items on a page or in an application have unique identifiers/attributes

    If none of these rules are met, then I am not even trying to write any UI tests!


    As an alternative, I personally write functional tests based primarily on request/response requests. Of course, this approach also has its drawbacks, but makes the testing process stable.

    I hope I helped a little, at least morally)

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      A_Roskoshnyi That would be the ideal situation, but a lot of us are not in the ideal situation and need to test what we are given.  That means we have to get creative like MarkSchofer is doing.

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        Marsha_R, it is true that we do not live in ideal conditions, and this is why I often take a very tough but pragmatic position.


        I advise everyone to watch this short video, it seems to me that it reflects life of tester very well:

        The Expert 


        Draw conclusions yourself.