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11 months ago


Hi team,
Is it possible to find scroll bar for a particular element is visible or not. I have used testobj. vScroll; but it throws unable to find error.

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    Use the Object Spy tool on the control that has the scroll bar to see if there's anything relating to the property scroll bar visibility. In most cases, I don't think there will be a property for standard control.


    You can use the error message "unable to find error" as scroll bar not visible.

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    For example, Notepad has the following


    VScrollBar, no HScrollBar

    VScrollBar, disabled HScrollBar

    VScrollBar and HScrollBar

    HScrollBar will return Pos: 0, Min:0 Max: 0 for either disabled or no scroll bar. So this can be treated as disabled or no scroll bar for your test. There's no other property value for this scroll bar.