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4 years ago

ReadyAPI from v. 3.2.5 scrollbar is too small

Hello all,

from the version of ReadyAPI 3.2.5 are the scrollbars in the app soo small, that is really tricky to select them and do the scrolling. The resolution of the monitor is bigger and bigger, so in the end.. This is the oposite logic. If your design is pixel perfect, then please make them bigger.


any idea, how I can change it? Currently is just 5 px width.. When you are working on remote desktop on VPN (home office) is really dificult to select them. 

See my screen shot:

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    4 years ago

    Thank you for the update!


    Since we have this feature request created in our internal database, I am going to leave the contact support link as a solution here. So that people who search for the same feature to be implemented would know that letting support know will add weight to the task created.