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2 years ago

Running tests with devops, testedapps not working

Hi guys,


I am trying to run my tests using CI/CD with Azure Devops pipelines.

Now I got this to work with the exception of the 'TestedApps' file.

The pipeline cannot seem to find this file, even when it is located where it should.

Did anyone else maybe encounter such a problem ?




Kind regards

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    And this runs successfully when you test locally on the machine where the pipeline is run? Can you share some information about your pipeline tasks and the error you are receiving? If you are using multiple VMs - 1 to develop the automation and 1 to run the pipeline - it could be a matter of the pipeline VM not having the TestedApps installed or configured the same as your local dev VM.


    Also the run mode of your TestedApps can specify the way to launch your application and provide additional reporting functionality: [TestComplete reference] 


  • Hi thanks for the response,

    Yes the tests work perfectly when just manually running them on the same machine.

    The only thing not working is starting the program since this is being done by using the TestedApps...

    The problem I see here is that the pipeline is searching for the TestedApps on a wrong location.

    It is under 'TestComplete/TestedApps' but searching for it in a folder below.

    Is there a possibility to make it search somewhere else? 

    ##[error]Failed to get a list of tests from the "C:\agents\_work\1\s\TestComplete\ReynaProTesting.pjs" file due to the following error: Unable to open the project "C:\agents\_work\1\s\TestComplete\ReynaProTesting.pjs": The 'C:\agents\_work\1\s\TestComplete\ReynaProTesting\TestedApps\TestedApps.tcTAs' file does not exist.



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      I would actually try using a wildcard in your pipeline's 'Test files' settings instead of referencing a TC subfolder. Try changing from





      to just







      IF that doesn't work, I would double check for the TestApp files in your Azure repo and that you are using the same branch in your pipeline that you are using to test locally.