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6 months ago

Request for Guidance on Handling Menu Option Rearrangement in TestComplete Automation

Hello SmartBear Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek guidance on a challenge we are facing in our TestComplete automation efforts for a desktop application.

Problem Statement: We are currently using TestComplete for our automation, and our desktop application's menu options are occasionally rearranged by the development team. This leads to our automation tests failing as they are dependent on specific menu structures.

Query: We are looking for an approach or a best practice to handle such dynamic changes in menu options. I have heard about Test Harness and would like to know if it can be a suitable solution to address this issue.

Additional Information:

  • We are using TestComplete for our automation needs.
  • The desktop application's menu options are rearranged periodically by the development team.
  • This rearrangement causes our automation tests to fail due to dependencies on specific menu structures.


  1. Is there a recommended approach or best practice for handling dynamic changes in menu options within TestComplete?
  2. Can Test Harness be utilized to mitigate the impact of menu option rearrangements in our automation scripts?

Any insights, recommendations, or guidance you can provide on addressing this challenge would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

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    Instead of looking for a test object at a specific URL


    use a variable to hold the URL and look for the object that way


    Then when the menu changes, you only have to change the variable contents in one place and not the URL in every test.

    Post an example of your code if you need more specific help.