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5 years ago

Best way to Automate TestComplete test runs



I have a set of TestComplete Projects (for a desk top application). 

I can get the tests to do what I want to do running them manually from test Execute on a test virtual machine, but I now need to automate the running of the tests in these projects. 


I've spent a day out of my comfort zone trying to figure out if the best way to do this would be to try to automate the tests at the end of a TFS build, or to create a batch file which can be kicked off by a task scheduler.


Our situation is:  We have a build machine on which the latest code is built using an TFS Build definition.

This copies an installer for the application to a different  virtual machine set up with Test Execute, on which we want to run the tests.  Like I said, if I run the tests manually using Test Execute on this machine using Test Execute everything works OK, I can install a fresh version of the application and run tests against it.


I think it will be relatively straightforward to automate the tests following the guidance at:


However, I can't figure out if this is the best approach, bearing in mind we also want to start using TFS  Test Plans, which will be available to developers and manual testers, with the idea the test cases are finally linked to a test in Test Complete. 

Am I right in thinking, that if we want to use the Test Plan approach we will only be able to do this on our build agent machine (which we don't really want to install Test Execute on).


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