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14 years ago

Recording keyword test and making it work on another workstation

Hi I just recorded a keyword test successfully in my workstation using windows server 2003, and I was able to re-run that test correctly but when I try to run that exact keyword test on another workstation(Windows XP) the test does not proceed. Due to different UI settings.

For example, the Run menu is positioned differently in 2003 than in xp. I have to edit the most parts of the  keyword test for windows xp. The value for opening window differs as well. and i have to edit it again in xp. Windows look slightly different in xp.

Is there a way to make a simple test in 2003 and make it work on another different OS such as XP?

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  • Hi Rachelle,

    The behavior you observe means that your test uses unreliable properties for objects identification. You need to examine the problematic parts of your test and improve the test's reliability. For example, I strongly recommend that you start the tested application from TestComplete using the Tested Applications feature, since launching tested applications via the Start menu is the most unreliable way to launch applications in TestComplete tests, actually.

  • Hi, I do use the testedapps option. But in my tests I need to use the start>Run menu tool to be able to point exact directories of test files to use for the application I am testing and also another problem I am having is viewing folders look different in xp than in 2003 too. XP has the blue column on the left and I think the value of the window is different than in 2003(when I highlight using the finder tool or the select object with cursor.

    If I am missing some feature to make it work please do tell me.
  • Hi Rachelle,

    You can simply invoke the needed command directly from TestComplete, unless you need to test how Windows Explorer works (I suppose this is not the case). Please see the following How To entry to learn how to execute a command line and get the executed application's exit code from TestComplete:

    The sample script executes the "notepad" command, which launches Notepad, but you can simply replace the corresponding string with any other command you need.

    If you need to specify a file in a standard save/open file dialog invoked from your tested application, I recommend that you see the "Working With Open File and Save File Dialogs" ( ) help topic - it describes how the task can be accomplished in a reliable way.

  • Hi

    I am not much knowledgeable in scripting but I'll definitely try that.

    I have another question, I created a keyword test in win2003 server and copied my .mds file to another win2003 server with Testcomplete installed. But when I run the keyword test it fails. When I check my objects in keyword test for example


    and choose highlight, it says that object does not exist and then I re-select the object using the Finder tool , same value of the object is listed


    and then it works.

    I am just wondering why is that I have to re-select almost everything when they have the exact same object values for the other PC to recognize it even with same OS. Is there any way to resolve this so that everytime another user gets the mds file from the other PC he does not need to re-highlight or edit the test just to make it run on his pc.
  • Hi Rachelle,

    Please note that you need to copy the entire project suite folder, not just a single .mds file, in order to copy your project to another machine. So, the behavior can be caused by the fact that an old Name Mapping scheme is used. If all the needed files are copied, there are no obvious reasons which may cause such behavior. If copying the entire folder does not help, try the following:

    1. Insert the following routine call before retrieving the problematic object in your test (change the process name):


    Here is the LogAppStructure routine code:

    Sub LogAppStructure(obj)


      On Error Resume Next

      Dim count, i, Str


      ReDim params(7)

      params(0) = "WndClass"

      params(1) = "WndCaption"

      params(2) = "Index"

      params(3) = "Visible"

      params(4) = "Exists"

      params(5) = "ClrFullClassName"

      params(6) = "ProductName"

      params(7) = "ProductVersion" 


      Str = ""

      For i = 0 To UBound(params)

        If IsSupported(obj, params(i)) Then

          Str = Str & params(i) & " = " & VarToStr(Eval("obj." & params(i))) & VbCrLf

        End If



      Call Log.AppendFolder(obj.Name, Str)

      For i = 0 To obj.ChildCount - 1

        Call LogAppStructure(obj.Child(i))



      On Error GoTo 0

    End Sub

    function LogAppStructure(obj)


      var count, i, Str;


      var params = new Array();










      Str = "";

      for (var i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {

        if (IsSupported(obj, params))

          Str += params + " = " + VarToStr(eval("obj." + params)) + "\r\n";



      Log.AppendFolder(obj.Name, Str);

      for (var i = 0; i < obj.ChildCount; i++) {





    2. Execute your test and reproduce the "Object not found" problem. The LogAppStructure function will post the entire structure of the tested application to the test log and you will be able to see how objects are recognized right before the problem occurs.

    3. If you fail to find the cause of the problem using the test log, zip your entire TestComplete project suite folder along with the log of the test execution and send me the archive via our Contact Support form ( Make sure that messages in your log correspond to correct actions in the latest version of your test.

  • Hi, Allen

    Where do I put that code? I tried adding it but it's not recognized as a valid routine? I will try copying the whole project folder, I think I am getting to understand what you mean with using the old name mapping  and know why it doesn't work on some PCs or if I copy a Keyword test on another project. Is it because the name mapping present on the other project is not the same with the other project I am probably working at? Is that right? Please do correct me if  I am wrong with my assumptions :)
  • Hi Rachelle,

    I tried adding it but it's not recognized as a valid routine?

    You need to have a script file which contains the routine's body ("Sub LogAppStructure(obj)...") in your project. When the file is added, you will be able to call the routine.

    Is it because the name mapping present on the other project is not the same with the other project I am probably working at? Is that right?

    Yes, that can be the cause of the problem. Note that the behavior of your tests depends heavily on the project's Name Mapping scheme and the project's settings. That is why, you need to copy the entire project folder instead of just a single test file on another machine.