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12 years ago

Project Suite Variables for Individual Workstations

Again, I get the feeling I'm missing something very basic, but I can't seem to find the answer for this.

We have one machine to write tests, and five TestExecute licenses to run the tests on individual workstations. Each workstation can, and do, have the applications being tested installed in a myriad of paths. They also use different SQL servers, setups, etc. so I put as much information in Project Suite variables as I could, with the plan of modifying each workstation's copy of the variables to suit it.

As I understood it, when a workstation opens a project in shared mode, a folder is created for that workstation (and is), where it would have its own version of Project and Project Suite variables. There are two files, (project).mds.tcLS and (project).pjs.tcLS, that apparently have the variable names, but the values themselves are encoded.

As it stands, the only machine we have that can successfully run the tests written is the machine that wrote them, because I'm unable to customize the variables for each workstation. How can I accomplish this?