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12 years ago

Selecting a radio button in keyword recording

Is it possible to select a radio button in a keyword test with an operation other than clickbutton? The problem I'm encountering is something is covering my radio button and the test fails because it is 'invisible' or 'out of bounds'. Can I not just have testcomplete tell the window to enable the radio button? Basically rather than simulating a user click can I have it enable the button through code?
  • Try using the 'checked [Set]' operation set to True. That should do the trick!

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  • Try using the 'checked [Set]' operation set to True. That should do the trick!
  • Try using the 'Find Object' test action. Specify some of the properties of that radio button (use the Object Spy to find out what they are), and use 'Click' as the operation to perform.
  • Thanks for the info. I just tried using the Find Object test action, I located the object on the window and specified parameters and then selected click. I tried running the test again but I had the same failure. The description displays: "Simulates a left-button single click in a window or control as specified (relative position, shift keys)."

    So it appears it is still trying to similuate a click rather than just enabling the wChecked property of the radio button. Of course I could be doing something wrong...