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7 years ago

Re: why testcomplete sometimes get in stuck when I run test case

I keep running into this same issue.  I was able to keep internet explorer from spawning the extra processes after closing by changing the advanced options enable automatic crash recovery.  Unfortunately, while no internet explorers show up in task manager anymore, it still hangs.  I am running at the project level test 1 that opens an ssl cert login window (that testcomplete cannot use well), then I start a second test that automagically recognizes the window and runs the rest of the test, closing the browser with the x.  I have it set to run this same set of tests twice.  The first time it runs, the second time it hangs.  Any ideas?


BTW, if you have a fix, like the onstart above, an example would really help folks out:).



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    I moved your post out to a separate one because "getting stuck" could have many many answers.  Let's keep yours separate.  Please update the title of the post.

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    This is a bit of JavaScript code that we run at the beginning of every IE test case to make sure that we don't have any extra copies of IE running out there.


    function closeIEInstance() {
        var counter = 0;
        var browser;
        browser = Sys.WaitBrowser('iexplore', 1000);
        while((browser.Exists) && (counter < 60)){
            browser = Sys.WaitBrowser('iexplore', 1000);

    However, if you aren't having trouble with extra iexplore processes, then it would help us help you more if you can describe or give screenshots of what you are doing in the test to figure out what might be hanging.