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7 years ago

Question on VSIntegration.exe



I have visual studio 2017 installed and I am trying to install test complete vs integration.exe. But the installation is failing with a message stating visual studio installation is not found. Can anyone let me know what is the problem


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    I'm assuming you're following these instructions.


    Basically, it seems that the VSIntegration package you're running can't find the visual studio version.  Question: What version of TC are you running?  Visual Studio 17 support wasn't added until TC 12.30 so if you're running a TC version prior to that, it's possible this is the source of your problem.

  • Hi, I am hitting the same issue during installation of vsintegration.exe. It does not detect any installed Visual Studio version even though I have VS 2017 Enterprise installed. Has anyone ever found a solution. I am not able to do much troubleshooting since I am trying to include it in an automated rollout of our build agents (silent install), which makes testing stuff out a bit of a laborious process at the moment.


    I did capture an installation log however, which I have attached.


    PS. It might also be a good idea to not show the error message about missing visual studio when using the silent installation option since that is often done in unattended scenario's which grind to a halt if you pop-up a message box.


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