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6 months ago

Problems after updating Testcomplete

After updating testcomplete to a version, I can't run any of my tests
This had already happened in a previous update, I'm just reporting it and waiting for a new update.


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      The tests that I record and run are with Chrome, and when I try to run any of the tests it doesn't detect Chrome, as if it weren't open, the same thing happened recently with an update.
      For the moment I uninstalled testcomplete and installed a previous version with which I am able to work without problems

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        Running into the same Chrome problem after updating my Testcomplete. Will try this, thanks!

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    In future, please attached a screenshot of the actual error. As " I can't run any of my tests" is very vague.

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    same problem here, updated to 15.58 and chrome does not get recognized anymore and we can not run any tests either now.

    Seems like the Chrome Extension does not interact with this version

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    TC 15.58 + Edge 119 = Issue.


    Same has many previous update :


    Revert to 15.57 (+Edge 119), everything is fine.