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10 years ago

TestComplete 10.60 problems experienced

A few days ago I updated from TC 10.40 to 10.60.


While running tests I experienced the following errors:


TestComplete just closes without notice...


Multiple experiences of the issue while executing this code (partial code):


obj = objIFrameContent.FindAllChildren(new Array("objectIdentifier", "ObjectType"), new Array("statusimg_0", "Image"), 20);
obj = (new VBArray(obj)).toArray();
obj = obj.reverse(); 
if (obj.length > 0)


(it is supposed to return thousands of results, and it does, when TC doesn't just close...)


Besides that I got the following error with IE, several times:

Internet Explorer Stopped Working.PNG

Both of the situations described started ocurring after 10.60 instalation. 

My IE version is 11.0.16.


Thanks in advance!

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