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6 years ago

problem with TestComplete and Outlook 2010


I am having problem with TestComplete and MS Outlook 2010.

I am trying out the example in TC Document.  It only go as far as the 3 line, where it calls Sys.OleObject("Outlook.Application"); and TC ran into runtime error as below.

Any idea how to fix it?






function testOutlook2010() 


var OutlookApplication = Sys.OleObject("Outlook.Application");





JScript runtime error.

Server execution failed, ClassID: {0006F03A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}

  • Use WaitProcess() to check if Outlook is already running, if it is, get the process object and go about your business
    If it is not running, only then do a Sys.OleObject call against the Outlook.Application
    This behavior has been on and off with different versions of Outlook over the years
    Simply put, you can only have ONE instance of Outlook running


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