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2 years ago

Preparing Jenkins for Running TestComplete Tests

Hello, This is Krishnakanth, I went through the documentation on the website.

Here is the link:

I have a couple of questions, do we need really to do these limitations on the server?

We are using Windows Server and we have some security concerns.

What will happen if we don't disable the secure sign-in and elevation rights?


Will Test Complete will work as expected or not?

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    Answer is already given in the link you have provided. As stated:


    Disable secure sign-in - "TestComplete does not provide any means to work around this feature, so we recommend you to turn it off"


    Provide elevated permissions for TestComplete - "TestComplete requires elevated permissions for the run. If the Jenkins agent is running as an application, it cannot start TestComplete with required permissions. This may cause the TestComplete Test step to fail."