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11 years ago

perforce changelist shown as all lines deleted ?

I have a perforce change and I am attaching it to a code collab review .

Inside code collab review , it is showing that file with the change being as if all lines are deleted . ie in the 'Reveiw Materials ' section , where it shows the files and shows 'added','changed',deleted' lines , it is showing all lines as deleted ??


Does anyone know what could be the issue here ? 

Note: Code Collab v8.2.8202 is being used . 

Note: Code Collab is being run from windows whereas the perforce client is on a different linux  host .


Taher .

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  • Ok , sorry for the wrong categorization . 

    (Anyways , I figured out the issue : it was due to having the perforce client on linux and the code collab client on windows . Did not see that issue when I installed and had the code collab client on linux too . )