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10 years ago

OnStartTest and OnStopTest occasionally not executing


I'm running TestExecute 9.31.  Our tests are organized in test suites, with about 10-20 tests per test suite.  Sometimes, when I run an individual test suite, the OnStartTest and OnStopTest events do not fire, causing tests to misbehave.  WHen the test suite starts, these events process fine.  Then, midway through the test suite, the events will just stop firing for no apparent reason.  All preceeding tests pass, and the scripts for preceeding tests run to completion.

Any ideas?


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    Hi Matt,


    The OnStartTest event should occur when you start a script routine or a keyword test from TestComplete GUI and when each test item starts executing.

    Thus, if you run only one test item, the event will be fired only once. Please check this.


  • Hi,

    I'm experiencing same behaviour, randomly onstarttest and onstoptest are no more called during test suite (sometimes it works perfectly during all the tests suite sometimes not), I've checked that logging messages on each methods calls.

    It's really annoying as I really need to have the code in those methods to be called each time before and after test.

    Is there a way to programatically register those events from code ?

    Is there any testcomplete internal log to check to figure out why this issue occurs ?


    TestComplete 9.31

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      Hi there


      Any solutions for this behaviour? I face the same problem.

      Sometimes (or even often) the onTestStart/onTestStop event is not fired on all test items.


      TC: 10.60

      OS: Windows7/64bit