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7 years ago

Object Spy unable to identify certain objects

Hi All,   I am working on an application developed using WinFormsObject and for the most part of building my object library, the Object spy is able to recognize the objects from the screen.    Bu...
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    7 years ago

    Hi Sameer,


    I got a property on the base object which was recognized, that held the value I was looking for. 


    As Robert mentioned, the components are not identified by TC as they are not objects on their own. In my case, the developers added a dynamic property into the base object and displayed it as a box under the base object. 


     The worst part in such scenarios is the time consumed and effort we need to identify the right property that holds the value which we can use to test. 


    Alternatively, if possible, you could check with your dev team and try to get some info as to which property you should be looking for in the base object.


    BTW, could you let me know on which UI is your application under test is based (like WPF or WinForms or something else)