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7 years ago

Not able to get the control of buttons in TdxRibbon using the TestComplete in Delphi

I'm using Delphi 10.1 Berlin and using DevExpress 16 for developing windows application. And in this I'm using TdxRibbon->TdxRibbonTab->TdxLargeButton. And when I'm trying to use Testcomplete->Display Object Spy to get the particular object details. But when I'm trying to locate the particular button details in the ribbon and I cant able to locate the specific button details and I'm getting the total panel details. With this I have attached the screen shot. And is there any method to locate the particular button as mentioned in the screen shot.

And some of them suggested to use the following link:
Implementing IAccessible Interface Support in Tested Applications. But it the full explanation is not provided for implement using Delphi. Also I got the  another link from stack overlow.
But still there is no explanation for the component which I'm using.
Please provide me some help to implement this. 

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      Actually how can I able to access using the Click event and I'm using TdxRibbion and  TdxBarManager->TdxBar->TdxBarLargeButton. So, currently the TdxBar is fully detected. But, I need to get the control of TdxBarLargeButton which is placed in the TdxRibbon.

      And I have read the above link, it does not explains clearly that how can I able to access the TdxLargeBarButton. And should I need to do the changes in Delphi code or do the changes in TestComplete?. And in the Supported DevExpress components, they have not included the TdxBarLargeButton components. And DevExpress, also replied in this link.

      Please provide me the detail explanation (like I need to add extra code in Delphi or change the settings in TestComplete) to access the TdxBarLargeButton from the Spy. If possible, please mention some example. Thanks in advance.

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        As mentioend, the large button is not something that you're going to access... you're going to use "ClickItem" to click on the specific part of your ribbon.


        So, for example, to click on "New", you'll either do something like ClickItem(0) or ClickItem("New")


        The buttons themselves are not supported controls... the ribbon bar is.  Hence, you work with the ribbon bar.  If your object is to click on the button, ClickItem should suffice.