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6 years ago

No Team Foundation Version Control client found

Test complete does not see TFS installed. When I can still work with it through visual studio.

Got message "No Team Foundation Version Control client found." in Source control settings

TFS version 16.131.28226.3 

TestComplete version 14.0.308.7



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      I've read the article by the URL you've provided more carefully. TC requirements say it supports vs2012 - vs2017 when we have vs2019 installed. We can't downgrade it, unfortunately. 

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        You can install the Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2017 on the machines with TestComplete on it and still check in/check out via TestComplete.  

        Keep in mind, this is ONLY necessary if you want to use the source control features within TestComplete.  You can just not configure Source Control in TestComplete and use the Source Control tool itself.  In the past, that is what I've done... I, personally, find it a lot easier to use Mercurial HG or Visual Studio itself rather than the TC integration... just my personal preference.