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4 years ago

My thick client being resized when running a TestComplete script


Hyper-V Win10 OS

TestComplete 14.71

When I am logged into a Hyper-V session, open up my thick client and run a TestComplete script,

everything runs fine.


I have another user, logs into the same Hyper-V (I am not logged at this point), does the same actions but

at the point of the think client opening, it starts with the correct size, but once they execute a TestComplete script,

the think client window size shrinks.


For me, I have tried this with 2 users on this Hyper-V and have no issues,

But for the user above, whether it is on this Hyper-V or a different on, the think client window compression happens.


I am not aware of any setting in TestComplete to cause this.  We're running the same project code.


The issue this causes is I have to use coordinates for one particular script and this change in size affects the script.


Just checking in the community of this issue ever being seen and a solution to.


I will find another Hyper-V this person has not used before and watch the process again to see if the issue follows the user.  This would eliminate the Hyper-V, and maybe a Group Policy or something else associated to this user is the issue ???




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    1. Check the display settings after login from both the user, as we do remote connection, generally the size , DPI and resolution is affected due to many factors Internet Speed , HyperV settings.

    2. Also try to use TestComplete Window.Position function whenever possible to set the size of the window while performing any hardcoded clicks. Link to use Position function:

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      Just to clarify here, this happens specifically for a user and not all users.


      Window position occurs after the fwk and scripts start running.

      RDP settings are the same here for all users.


      This all happens right when you hit the run icon for a script, - the think client window resizes before any code is executed.


      So even though the Accepted solution here is not one I chose and are valid areas to check, it does not fix my issue.  I am still chasing this issue for this one specific user's experience.

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        If it is only specific to single user than I think it is to be done from
        rdp settings, are all user connected from same network?

        Are all users using the same hardware configuration?