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12 months ago

MSAA Object Identification without the Asterisk (*) Option: Seeking Assistance



I am seeking assistance regarding object identification in TestComplete for my WinForms application with Chromium elements. Specifically, I have encountered an issue where the TestComplete Spy tool is unable to identify an object unless I check the asterisk (*) in the Current Project Properties > Open Applications > MSAA settings.

Here is some additional context to help understand the situation:

  • Application Type: WinForms
  • Framework: Developed in C#
  • Integration: Chromium elements are incorporated into the application for web navigation and rendering purposes.

In my WinForms application with embedded Chromium elements, I am facing difficulties with TestComplete's object identification when the asterisk (*) option is not checked. However, when I enable the asterisk option, TestComplete can successfully identify the object.

I would appreciate any guidance or suggestions on how to identify the object without having to rely on the asterisk option, as I am concerned about potential performance impacts caused by enabling it.

Please note that I have already tried various approaches such as adding specific lines to the "Accepted Windows" list in MSAA settings, but they did not yield the desired results.


Thank you in advance for your help and insights. I look forward to any assistance you can provide.


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    Have a look at Supported Development Tools and see if you can use WinFormsObject Method


    I'm not sure what potential performance impacts you will receive, since you are allowing TC to identify by using the accessibility information provided via the IAccessible interface. Which helps in identifying custom UI elements that TC cannot identify by other means.  

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    When you run the test with the asterisk, does it still complete in an acceptable amount of time? You are assuming it will be bad but I don't see that you have any data to prove that.