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5 years ago

Unable to edit Combobox items' identification property


I couldn't update combobox items' property in name mapping. When I rightclick the item in aliases screen, I get a warning includes "Unable to find the object that matches the "Radcomboboxitem123...." item". In the warning I click "Edit the identification properties of ""adcomboboxitem123...."", but the update name mapping window is empty except for WPFControlAutomationID. I want to add the text property.

When I use object spy-->point and fix, I could reach only basic properties, I couldn't reach advanced properties. I get the warning "Unable to show the advanced properties of the object, because the object does not exist..." 

How could i update this item's property?

Thank you.


TC version:14.20


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      Thank you for your reply. 

      But I could click the combobox item. My test run successfully. What I need is, sometimes developers change the order of items, so I need to update namemapping. In this case i couldn't reach the identification property. It seems empty.

      I guess I'm close to a solution. When I use Get Value operation, I could reach advanced properties unless it couldn't highlighted. Next step how could i add the property to item's name mapping properties.

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        If the test ran successfully, then there's no reason to update your NameMapping as that is what determines object identification.  If they re-order the items and your test still passes, then the mapping is fine as it is.  

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        I haven't chance to try yet. Because dev team haven't change any combobox item's property. When it happens, I'll write it here. 

        Thank you for your support.