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10 months ago

Mobile Web Tests with Safari browser

Hi all, 


I'm interested to implement and run tests to validate my company web site within the Safari browser.


I've found this documentation:

so it seems that it could be done.. 


Has anyone experience on it?

If yes, can you give me any general information that could be useful?

And also let me to understand:

- if you was been able to reach this goal only by using BitBar or also with another open source service

- if there has been the need of a Mac physical computer or a Mac virtual machine


Thanks and regards,



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  • Hi simonaferrara 


    The general concept is that you would create TestComplete web tests locally on your Windows machine in whatever browser you wish, then run that same test on another browser using BitBar. There is no requirement for you to have a Mac or access to Safari as BitBar provides that capability. 


    Take a look at this short video for a working example of exactly this scenario :


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    mikefThanks for your information, very interesting! 

    Anyway, do you think that going to BitBar is the only solution? My company cannot invest money for a purchase of another tool for now, so: do you know an open source alternative that could be integrated with Test Complete, to reach this goal?