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4 years ago

Making a TC Project backwards compatible



We have an active ticket with SmartBear preventing us from updating our TC versions from 14.30. 😑 We've been working with them the past few months to figure out the issue and now they seem to have partially fixed it with 14.60 but it also needs a workaround on our side.


To test the fix we have upgraded some of our machines to 14.60 and started running tests on those, I noticed that the MDS file which contains the global variables is changed by 14.60 as it changes the variable values from hex values to ascii values making them human readable. It changes DataVersion from "3" to "4". Now the bad part is, DataVersion "3" works with both 14.30 and 14.60 but DataVersion "4" does not work with 14.30. As we are not yet fully convinced that the issue is fixed, we are hesitant to have all our machines upgraded to 14.60 then suffer the consequences in our release cycle.


Does anyone know if there is a setting in TestComplete which sets what DataVersion my variables are saved as? If I can set 14.60 to at least save variables using DataVersion "3" then it would be back compatible.